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Workation in the mountains

You want work and holiday in the mountains? Mountain Breakout specialises in this combination in the middle of Innsbruck. Due to its location in the Alps, the city offers many coworking workplaces as well as mountain sports right on the doorstep. Here you can find more information about the concept of working in nature!

4 reasons for a coworkation

A coworkation is about the combination of both areas. In combination with "Co" for Collaboration or community, this creates a whole new working concept. In this way, coworking promotes work in a shared location and combines it with a holiday at the same time. Attractive locations in particular are a great employee motivation to take joint work projects further.

Strengthening the work-life balance

In the stressful working day, the well-deserved break often comes too short. Especially with a workation in the middle of the mountains, nature helps to take an active break from work. Mountain Break specialises in the location of Innsbruck, as in addition to organising accommodation, a ski pass can also be combined during the winter months.

Encouraging creativity

When the work environment is always the same, it is difficult to find new ideas. Therefore, a new environment at a workation helps with creativity. By focusing on certain fields of work and working together as a team, completely new perspectives for projects can emerge in a short time.

Networking and employee motivation

Employers in particular can create completely new incentives for employees through a planned workation. When organising, it is therefore important to specifically select teams for work and leave at one location. The intensive time together can create new relationships that promote networking.

Location flexibility through workation providers

With more and more remote workspaces, it is easy to change work locations. Based on recent studies by EY, nine out of ten employees want precisely this flexibility. Workation providers such as Mountain Breakout are starting precisely there to keep employee motivation high through location in the mountains.

What needs to be considered in a workation?

When carrying out a workation, preparation and planning are important, especially for larger remote teams. By working with a workation provider, companies or individuals can fully concentrate on the actual work and holidays. Providers such as Mountain Break organise accommodation, coworking workplaces and experiences in the mountains right from the start by including a ski pass in various packages.

When preparing, it is important to set the framework for the work and to clarify the regulations. Here you will find a suitable Workation checklist with detailed information!

Conclusion Workation providers:

The new concept of coworking combines very different advantages for employees and employers. In cooperation with a workstation provider, it is easy to use the advantages of this model to motivate employees and increase the work-life balance. Innsbruck is a particularly good location, as its proximity to the mountains offers the best compensation after a day's work. You can find more advantages to mobile working from Austria here. Have you already done a workation and what is particularly important to you?


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