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Employee Wellbeing
Employer Branding

Adapting to a changing work paradigm: how Mountain Breakout empowers your company to navigate workforce dynamics and strengthen your employer branding to thrive in a remote-first world.

Workfoce dynamics

Ready to show your brand's
true color?

Remember, a successful employer branding campaign isn't just about words; it's about action. Align your external communication with internal values and a vibrant corporate culture.

Let's not just talk about it - live it.

Productivity & Creativity

Potential Coworkation Benefits

Productivity & Creativity

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Boost in work quality and introduction of new revenue-driving ideas.


Refreshed employees leading to increased efficiency, innovation, and fewer sick days.

Employee Wellbeing & Team Dynamics

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Decrease in health-related absenteeism and associated costs, coupled with faster project completion due to improved team collaboration.


Happier and healthier employees, stronger team bonds, and a more positive workplace environment.

Employer Branding &
Talent Retention

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Increase in employee retention rates, leading to reduced hiring and training costs.


Improved company reputation, attracting top-tier candidates and making it a desired workplace.

Cost Efficiency & Organizational Growth

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Reduced overheads for hiring costs and decreased traditional office needs.

Savings from reduced turnover, fostering a culture that emphasizes continuous growth and adaptability.

Let your actions speak:
Elevate your employer branding
through authenticity

Mountain Breakout offers an enticing setup for multi-day staff events, sprints, and as part of an employee benefit package.

Each company has the flexibility to tailor the balance between work and mountain sports activities during their stay. Our coworking space provides an ideal work environment, complete with suitable venues for workshops, meetings, and other events on-site.

Additionally, we provide a dedicated local contact person and event manager to offer assistance and organize special after-work activities, complementing your mountain experience.

If you're interested in a customized mountain breakout package for your company, don't hesitate to reach out. While we've highlighted key aspects of our coworking offerings, we're always available to personally address any further questions at

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