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Here is how your breakout can look like. Inform yourself about the four aspects of a Mountain Breakout Coworkation: Work, Live, Experience & Connect.

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before 2pm

Arrival around midday

Your accommodation

2pm - 6pm

Coworking check-in and working session

Coworking InnCubator

from 7pm

Community pizza evening

Restaurant Una Pizza



Pillar #1

Top-equipped workplaces in various coworking spaces in Innsbruck await you. Just bring your laptop and plug in for an efficient work session. All work spaces are equipped with large tables, comfy chairs and a second screen. The coffee kitchen will boost your energy if needed. 

Pillar #2

Live in the capital of the Alps, either in a hotel or a serviced flat. Our locations are choosen to give easy access to the work spaces as well as quickly being in the mountains. Our accommodations are modern, yet charming with a lot of amenities. 

Pillar #3

The mountains are right at your doorstep for climbing, mountain biking and, of course, skiing in winter. Work in the morning and spend the afternoon on the slopes or vice versa? Not only the mountain panorama is stunning in Innsbruck but also the variety of activities offered. 

Pillar #4

Arrive and get started, we'll take care of the rest. As Mountain Breakout member you are directly joining a vivid community in Innsbruck and you definitely won't be alone except you chose to be. Many exciting events await you. At the coworking spaces you get to meet interesting people to exchange with, and maybe also have your next sporty adventure together with. 

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The Mountain Breakout Packages all include the flexible use of various coworking spaces in and around Innsbruck. Whether small and cosy or large and modern, top-equipped meeting rooms for groups or with a connection to the local start-up scene, we have the right coworking space for everyone and of course you can always change again.



The Mountain Breakout Packages offer different types of accommodation, all centrally located in Innsbruck with short distances to the coworking spaces outdoor activities

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As the Alpine capital, Innsbruck offers year-round mountain experiences. Not only is it conveniently located near numerous ski areas, including the city's own Nordkette, accessible via a mountain railway, but it also provides exceptional opportunities for mountain biking, hiking, and overall well-being. Whether you prefer a few turns on the slopes before or after work or exploring the mountains in all seasons, Innsbruck together with the Mountain Breakout Pass offers the perfect blend of outdoor activities throughout the year.

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Breakout pass

Innsbruck is right in the center of various ski resorts such as the former Olympia resort Axamer Lizum. Use the proximity to combine work and skiing on the same day or also spend a full day on the slopes. Wether you are an experienced skier or a beginner, there is the right offer for you!

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