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About us

Kathrin Treutinger

Hi, I'm Kathrin, a keen skier in winter and prefer to be out and about in the mountains on foot or on horseback in summer. I am the founder of Mountain Breakout. I've been living in Tyrol for over 10 years and have increasingly discovered the benefits of the mountains for myself and would now like to make them possible for others too. Work and relaxation don't have to be in opposition to each other, in my opinion they go hand in hand if you embrace them and plan them into your everyday life. Having already organized Skinnovation - an innovation event on skis, Mountain Breakout was a logical extension of this.


Hi there! I'm Bruno, hailing from the flatlands of Bremen where the the highest mountain stands an eye watering 35m above sea level. My studies in Dresden opened up a new world to me, one where mountain biking became more than a hobby - it became a passion. As a strategy consultant in the digital health sector based in Berlin, my work often gravitated towards the innovation of platform strategies, but it was the call of the Alps that truly moved me first to Munich, later to Innsbruck.

Workations became my way of life, blending deadlines with downhill rides. When I arrived in Innsbruck in 2022, I met Kathrin. Impressed by her commitment to Mountain Breakout, I joined the journey to offer people a taste of this balanced lifestyle. Now, I'm here to help you discover that work and leisure can coexist beautifully. Come and experience a slice of our life in the mountains.

Mountain Breakout

Many Tyroleans celebrate the urban-alpine lifestyle: a quick trip up the mountain after work, on touring skis in winter, on foot or on a bike in summer. Or you can start the day with a sports session on the mountain. But it's not just sport that is part of the Tyrolean lifestyle, it's a lifestyle in its own right. The mountains are a place of strength and help you to let your gaze wander into the distance without losing your grip on the ground.

Not everyone lives in the mountains, but even a temporary stay where leisure and work can be combined and are not in conflict helps to revitalize and invest in well-being and a vibrant lifestyle. 

With Mountain Breakout we want to make this possible and offer different types of coworkation for individual travelers, groups and companies. Temporarily living in the mountains and combining leisure and work in a coworkation without the two being in conflict with each other.

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