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Your Personal Getaway: Explore the Mountains

In a world that's shifting rapidly, why stay stagnant? Find inspiration, camaraderie, and work-life balance in the heart of Tyrol. Whether you're forging your own path or looking to refresh your corporate journey, let's make the mountains your office! Advocate to your employer or embark on your own. Your mountain adventure begins here.

Workfoce dynamics

Our Workation Concept

Mountain Breakout helps individual travelers - be it freelancers, solo professionals, or employees - tap into a world of balance, creativity, and action amidst the serene landscapes of Tyrol.


Self-Driven Growth & Skill Enhancement

Wellbeing & Personal Development

Network & Build Connections

Affordable & Flexible Packages

Be our advocate

Equipped with insights on the benefits of workations, consider sharing with your employer the potential advantages for the company. An energized and rejuvenated employee can significantly contribute to a firm's success.

Core benefits are:
1. Productivity Gains
2. Broadening Skills
3. Promoting Employee Wellbeing
4. Employer Branding
5. Nurturing, Retaining & Attracting Talent
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