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Elevate your work with alpine inspiration
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First booking site for all-inclusive Coworkation in the Alps - work amidst nature's splendor, immersed in the local community.

Whether you're a company aiming to inspire your team or an individual seeking a blend of work and adventure, our packages are tailored to rejuvenate the spirit and boost productivity.


A Complete Package
for Forward-Thinking Organizations and Passionate Professionals


Select your ideal workation package - wether it's on your own or in a group. Choose between hotels, private flats, or shared living spaces in the heart of Tyrol.


Pick your stay, duration and season. Whether it's a rejuvenating week or an extended month-long workation retreat, we've got you covered.


Access a network of partner coworking spaces. Each space offers a unique ambiance, ensuring productive work sessions.


Embrace the majestic mountains at your doorstep. Dive into activities like hiking, mountain biking, and climbing in summer. Winter brings with it exhilarating skiing adventures.

How it works

Upcoming Breakouts

Image by Jörg Angeli
Henrik Mountain Breakout Alumni Testimonial


I booked the Mountain Breakout Coworkation to enjoy the mountains a bit longer while attending the Skinnovation Startup Conference. It was a great opportunity to meet like-minded people and to combine working and snowboarding without any organisational effort.

Alexander Mountain Breakout Alumni Testimonial


Skinnovation is a must-go event for everyone who loves skiing and startups. I stayed for one week doing a combined Coworkation organized by Mountain Breakout. Highly recommended.


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