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Elevate your work with alpine inspiration
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Experience the mountain coworkation - work amidst nature's splendor, immersed in the local community. Discover the perfect blend of productivity and alpine adventure in Tyrol's capital Innsbruck. Tailor your focus to suit work demands and mountain pursuits; we offer the best conditions for both.

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2 day pass

Innsbruck is right in the center of various ski resorts such as the former Olympia resort Axamer Lizum. Use the proximity to combine work and skiing on the same day or also spend a full day on the slopes. Wether you are an experienced skier or a beginner, there is the right offer for you!




Pillar #1

Top-equipped workplaces in various coworking spaces in Innsbruck await you. Just bring your laptop and plug in for an efficient work session. All work spaces are equipped with large tables, comfy chairs and a second screen. The coffee kitchen will boost your energy if needed. 

Pillar #2

Live in the capital of the Alps, either in a hotel or a serviced flat. Our locations are choosen to give easy access to the work spaces as well as quickly being in the mountains. Our accommodations are modern, yet charming with a lot of amenities. 

Pillar #3

The mountains are right at your doorstep for climbing, mountain biking and, of course, skiing in winter. Work in the morning and spend the afternoon on the slopes or vice versa? Not only the mountain panorama is stunning in Innsbruck but also the variety of activities offered. 

Pillar #4

Arrive and get started, we'll take care of the rest. As Mountain Breakout member you are directly joining a vivid community in Innsbruck and you definitely won't be alone except you chose to be. Many exciting events await you. At the coworking spaces you get to meet interesting people to exchange with, and maybe also have your next sporty adventure together with. 

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  • What kind of preparation are needed to make a Coworkation a success?
    In order to create a relaxed and productive Coworkation we compiled a list with recommendations: 1. Plan your working hours! If possible reduce your working hours a bit per day by e.g. using overtime hours in order to have sufficient time to also enjoy the location and leisure time activities or plan to work partly during core times and border times (e.g. 7am – 1pm and 8pm – 10pm). Working a usual nine-to-five day is for sure also possible but will limit your possibility to engage in leisure time activities. 2. Plan your work for during the coworkation. To be more independently during this period we recommend you to avoid virtual meetings and calls and instead plan work on which you can work individually 3. Block certain times for meetings and, if possible, plan meeting only for the morning or afternoon so that you can have periods off during the day for leisure time activities 4. Communicate with your colleagues and clients early that you are going on a Coworkation and also what this mean for them (e.g. reduced working hours, limited times for calls, different working hours etc.)
  • What are possible challenges of a Coworkation and how to overcome them?
    People who already went on Coworkation often mentioned that the internet has been a problem as well as the workspace itself. To overcome these problems we recommend you to look for specific Coworkation offers which understand your specific needs as coworkationer and have an according offer. Being connected to a local coworking space can be a big advantage as it not only offers a proper working infrastructure, but also gives you the possibility to connect with local people.
  • How long is it possible to stay abroad without being tax eligible in the coworkation country?
    Under tax law, there are no effects if the workation does not last longer than half a year and the residence is not transferred abroad. However, if the work in the holiday country exceeds the 183-day limit, the employee becomes liable for tax.
  • 1. What are the benefits of a Coworkation?
    A coworkation offer within your company can provide many different benefits: Talents: For employees it can increase the job satisfaction through a better perceived work-life balance as well as contributing to a positive employer branding. This also helps companies to win new talents and keep current employees. Especially the younger generations request new kind of benefits and are not satisfied with a fruit basket or a company car anymore. Performance: A coworkation can contribute to increased productivity, motivation and especially creativity of employees. Through a different surrounding and the exchange with new people creativity is enhanced. A coworkation also allows employees to broaden their skills and network and recharge without compromising on work. Culture: Active promotion of coworkation, especially in groups, helps to create a vivid team culture and connection with the company. This also helps companies to win new talents and keep current employees.
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