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Remote work abroad: Tyrol/Austria

Mobile working abroad is becoming increasingly popular. Especially within Europe, there are exciting locations to combine work and holiday. Due to its proximity to Germany, Innsbruck is one such location where mountain sports and remote work can be combined. Find out here what you need to consider before relocating to the Alps!

Mobile working abroad: What should I bear in mind?

Due to many current regulations for home office and remote work, there are completely new possibilities to work from abroad. When planning, various points should be taken into account. Currently there is no clear legal basis in Austrian law for working abroad.

Written agreement

There should be a written agreement and consent with the employer for mobile working abroad. It is important to specify both the period and location(s). Overall, it is best to consider the following points:

  • Duration of your stay abroad

  • Define working hours

  • Mention of work equipment

  • Confidentiality and privacy policy

  • Note on documentation of working hours (via Excel or tool)

  • Specify locations for mobile work abroad

Basically, make sure that you are in transparent communication with your employer and inform them about your plans. You can use the advantages mentioned here to convince your employer to let you work abroad. It often helps if you have all the answers to possible questions ready before the interview.

Check the legal situation

The legal situation depends on your place of residence and your employment contract. Basically, for mobile work abroad, it is important to check your social security and tax obligations. The best way to do this is to consult your tax advisor and your insurance providers. Especially when it comes to legal procedures, the basis is different for everyone, based on your personal situation.

As soon as you decide on a working location within the EU, the legal basis is definitely simpler. In this article you will find detailed information on remote working abroad for Germans.

What are the reasons for mobile working?

Through mobile working, there is above all more flexibility for employees. The place of work can be planned together with a holiday, for example. More flexible working hours and the elimination of commuting time, for example, increase the quality of life.

New work locations also have an influence on higher employee motivation. Therefore, companies can also use temporary assignments abroad with mobile work in employee branding.

Where to work abroad on a mobile basis? The example of Innsbruck

Mobile working abroad is easy, especially within the EU, because there are common legal working regulations. Innsbruck in Austria in particular offers many location advantages due to its proximity to the Alps!

Travelling to Innsbruck is easy by car, train or plane. Mountain Breakout will organise a coworking space for you upon your arrival, so that you can combine mobile working and mountain sports. Here you can find more reasons for Innsbruck that you can show directly to your employer!


Mobile working abroad offers completely new possibilities for retaining and motivating employees. Especially within the EU, working abroad is particularly easy. That's why you'll find a combination of nature and flexible workplaces in Innsbruck, Austria! What is important to you about the location?


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