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Employee Wellbeing

Adapting to a changing work paradigm: how Mountain Breakout empowers your company to navigate workforce dynamics and strengthen your employer branding to thrive in a remote-first world.

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strenghten your employer branding &
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Company Culture

In today's evolving corporate landscape, nurturing a thriving company culture is paramount for attracting and retaining top talent. It's about more than just work; it's about creating an environment that fosters innovation, well-being, and meaningful connections among your team. 

Team Building &

In the dynamic world of business, fostering strong team dynamics and collaboration has never been more critical. At Mountain Breakout, we understand the significance of these aspects and offer a unique solution that goes beyond traditional team-building exercises. Our coworkation experiences in the heart of Tyrol provide an ideal backdrop for teams to connect, communicate, and collaborate in an environment that's as inspiring as it is serene. Surrounded by breathtaking natural beauty, your team will discover new perspectives and develop deeper bonds. The change of scenery, away from the office, encourages a sense of unity, helping your team break down barriers and forge connections. Whether it's through collaborative work sessions, team hikes, or shared outdoor adventures, Mountain Breakout provides the perfect setting for strengthening your team's cohesion and enhancing collaboration. With our tailored experiences, you have the flexibility to choose the level of focus on work or team activities. This adaptability ensures that your team can strike the right balance between professional development and memorable bonding experiences. Mountain Breakout isn't just a getaway; it's an opportunity for your team to thrive, learn, and grow together. Discover how our coworkation experiences can transform your team dynamics, foster collaboration, and create lasting memories that resonate within your organization.


The Mountain Breakout offers an attractive setup for multi-day staff events, sprints and also as part of a benefit package for employees. 


Each company can decide for itself how high the work and mountain sports portion of the stay should be. In the coworking space, employees find optimal working conditions and workshops, meetings and other events can also be held in suitable premises directly on site in the coworking space. 


A local contact person and event manager is also available to provide support if needed. This means that special after-work activities can be organised in addition to skiing. 

We are also happy to help you put together an individual mountain breakout package for your company. 


We have summarised a few important points in the course of a coworking organisation, but we are also happy to answer any further questions personally at


"The mountain is calling and I must go!"


Kathrin Treutinger

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