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Why you should go to Innsbruck for a coworkation

A coworking location in Innsbruck combines nature and remote working in the middle of Tyrol. Due to the location in the mountains, activities are possible at any time of the year. Whether skiing in winter or hiking in summer. Due to its proximity to Germany, Innsbruck is therefore a particularly good location to work from abroad. Here you can find more reasons for the alpine capital!

Why cowork in Innsbruck?

As the capital of the federal state of Tyrol, Innsbruck is located in the middle of the Alps and is therefore also a popular place for winter sports. In addition to the impressive landscape, remote work can also be combined with local life in Innsbruck thanks to coworking offers.

The focus of coworking is on collaboration at a shared workplace. This can be an open-plan office, a private study or a team room for meetings. Thanks to remote working, the location can be freely chosen. For Germans in particular, coworking in Innsbruck offers a number of advantages:

  • Proximity and quick accessibility by car, train or flight.

  • Combining work with sport

  • Attractive at any time of year: skiing in winter and hiking in summer

Therefore, it is particularly easy to take care of your own work-life balance at this location in Austria. After work, time in nature helps to balance things out and give you a new energy boost.

At Mountain Breakout, the focus is also on building a local community, so you feel right at home from the start. You can decide for yourself how much time you want to spend working, networking and enjoying mountain sports.

What coworking providers are there?

At Mountain Breakout you will find your "all-inclusive carefree" package. You can book your desired package with us and your coworking space is directly included. You decide for yourself how long you want to use coworking in Innsbruck. All coworking spaces are equipped with a large desk and an additional screen. You will also find a printer and, of course, a coffee bar for that extra energy boost.

At the same time, we organise accommodation for you along with the workspace. You can see our different packages here.

Because of the location in the mountains, you will also receive a suitable ski pass. This gives you total flexibility in terms of when you work and when you enjoy nature. With this concept we often speak of a coworkation[SS1] . You combine your work with a holiday.

There is also a whole range of different coworking spaces in Innsbruck. Possible local providers are:

- InnCubator


Innsbruck has a charm all of its own due to its location in the middle of the Alps. Especially from Germany, the journey is very flexible due to the proximity to Austria. The combination of sporting activities and a large selection of coworking locations makes Innsbruck particularly suitable for longer stays for remote working! After all, it doesn't necessarily have to be a flight to Madeira or Bali to recharge your batteries and balance your work-life balance, does it?


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