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Mountain Coworkation Retreat

Have you ever worked on a mountain pasture? - And no, we don't mean herding sheep or milking cows. Mountain Breakout offers you the opportunity to relocate your workplace to an idyllic alpine pasture for one or two weeks and still enjoy the comfort of a coworking space. Moreover, you are not alone, but with 20 other like-minded people and a varied sports and leisure programme.

Office & Alm

How can you imagine such a coworkation retreat? The Almhotel Maria Waldrast is located a good 30 minutes away from Innsbruck and can only be reached via its own toll road. So you can get there quickly and easily, but once arrived you enjoy absolute alpine romance and idyll. Cows graze around the former monastery and hikers come to rest. The rooms in the Almhotel are simply but comfortably furnished and from the window you have a hearty view of the mountains, which you can enjoy in the morning and evening, because otherwise you will probably spend more time outside the room. There is a workspace available for each guest in the specially equipped coworking space. Every day there is also a one-hour to half-day activity on the program, such as hiking, mountain biking, Kaiserschmarrn evening hike or yoga.

Coworkation = vacation?

The Tyrolean mountains are therefore the ideal place for perfect coworking. They offer tranquility and at the same time a far-reaching view, great recreational opportunities and yet you are also not too far from home, but feel like you are in another world on the alpine pasture. You can get there comfortably by car or even more environmentally friendly by train.

But why actually a coworkation and not "just vacation"? One does not exclude the other and a coworkation is not to be seen as a substitute. A coworkation offers the possibility to temporarily change the place of work and to try out new routines and activities. For the self-employed, who might otherwise work alone a lot, it also offers the opportunity to exchange ideas with other like-minded people and to receive feedback. You can get out of your daily routine, gain new perspectives and creative ideas, and maybe even get more done than at home.

Getting the best out of a coworkation

So work and leisure go hand in hand. Based on our experiences, we have put together a few tips to get the most out of the Mountain Breakout Coworkation Retreat. After all, the coworkation should also bring some relaxation and not degenerate into stress. We recommend to plan working days of about 6 hours to have enough time to enjoy the leisure activities or just read a good book on the meadow. In addition, you should avoid too many meetings, which then determine the day, it is best to build blockers into the calendar early on. A coworking session is also perfect for finally working out a concept or dealing with a larger individual task that does not require a large exchange with colleagues. If you can, you should set realistic goals for the coworking session and plan enough buffer in case unplanned tasks come up. Or you can treat it like a vacation with an absentee note so that you can concentrate fully on the planned tasks.

In summary, a coworking arrangement offers an attractive opportunity to temporarily relocate and enjoy new locations, thus also positively influencing your work-life balance.


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