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Cool coworking gadgets that boost your productivity

Coworking always sounds cool, but can you be as productive on the road as in the (home) office? We present five gadgets that will definitely increase your productivity - leaving you even more time for leisure.

1. Noise-cancelling headphones

Everyone knows it: you want to concentrate on your work, but the person sitting next to you is breathing too loudly or even talking on the phone because the phone booth is already occupied. Good noise-cancelling headphones ensure the necessary concentration and suitable voice quality during calls. And of course, you can also simply listen to your favourite music with the headphones.

These Jabra headphones, for example, offer good value for money.

2. Mobile second screen

Answering a few emails quickly works great on a laptop, but as soon as you work with spreadsheets or perhaps want to do some research, a second screen is indispensable. It's practical to have your own second screen with you. Still little known, but incredibly practical is, for example, the portable screen from Lenovo, which folds up like a laptop and weighs only 500g.

3. Anti-reflective protective film for laptops

Who wouldn't want to work on the beach or on a sunny rooftop terrace? - The only problem is the sun!

An anti-reflective film for the laptop can help here. You can find films for different laptop sizes on Amazon.

4. Power bank for mobile phone and laptop

Unfortunately, there is no electricity at your favourite place outside or the charging cable does not reach the socket. Every remote worker has certainly had to deal with this problem. A powerful external battery that can charge not only the mobile phone but even the laptop can provide a remedy. Also comes in very handy if you have an ageing laptop battery or are just on the road. Not cheap, but definitely indispensable if you want to work outside a lot or don't always have a reliable power supply. For example, the laptop powerbank from Anker, which is available on Amazon, has very good reviews.

5. Packing system/backpack

In order to stow all your equipment, a functional packing system is of course indispensable. So-called packing cubes are very practical here, as each piece of equipment has its place and can be quickly pulled out of the bag. It is also important to ensure that sensitive equipment is adequately protected and not squashed.


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